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PPHU "MDR" s.c. Marek Dmochowski and Ryszard Dmochowski Company was established in 1984. The main subject of its activity, from the beginning, has been a production of hair decorations. The assortment of the products has been large: starting with clasps made of wire in various sizes, through "poppers" in different shapes, patterns and colours, to the currently produced hairpins and hair-slides in many patterns and sizes as well.


The aim of our commercial activity is to satisfy our clients. We take their every reflections into consideration. This way we improve the quality of our products. the method of painting with powdered paint used by our company not only lengthens significantly the vitality of our products, but also allows us to match colours due to a client's taste. 


We were the first, who introduced in Poland a hair=slide with a pallet (called not pricking), which was produced from the previously bought semi-finished products. Nowadays we are about to finish elaborations of a new production technology connected with those hair-slides in w wider range and with our own materials only.

We are also planning to start production of hair-slides and hairpins with additional decorating elements formed as flowers, leaves etc., which will enrich our offer

clasps called “poppers”


hairpins /hair-slides/




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